Flowrite Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Basements

Insulated concrete form basements are made by pouring concrete into nonremovable insulation formed moulds. The moulds are stacked, not unlike Legos, to form solid, strong, insulated structures when completed. The method is much simpler and faster than traditional foundations. ICF will also easily accommodate the addition of rebar prior to pouring concrete. As with traditional concrete basements, an exterior waterproof membrane is still required.

ICF basements are particularly suitable for the challenging Canadian climate because of the insulation of both the interior and exterior surfaces. With traditional foundations, there is significant heat loss into the surrounding soil and air. ICF basements are insulated on both the interior and exterior so this heat loss is immediately minimized. Additionally, interior condensation and/or moulds are virtually eliminated. Interior ICF walls typically include accommodations for the easy application of interior finishing products like drywall or wood.

Flowrite ICF Basements 1

Flowrite Seamless Eavestroughs

Flowrite seamless 5” eavestroughs provide the best protection for your most important assets, your home and your time! Seamless eavestroughs have no joints to capture debris, rust or break, so maintenance is virtually eliminated. Add on our quality soffits and fascia for an attractive, efficient finish.

When only the best is good enough for your home, you want Flowrite Seamless Eavestroughs protecting you. We provide complete quality exterior finishing.

  • 5” seamless eavestroughs
  • Soffits
  • Fascia
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