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Kyle BeaulieuKyle Beaulieu and Flowrite Seamless Eavestroughs were both born and raised in Vonda, Saskatchewan, a scenic 30 minute drive northeast of Saskatoon. As a young teenager, Kyle was blessed with anabundance of energy. His school teachers, however, did not quite consider it a blessing. Their solution ignited a passion that would result in the successful businessman he is today.

So what did these wise educators do with this bristling bundle of energy? They introduced him to woodworking. Admittedly, they stretched a couple of rules as Kyle was still in public school, and the woodworking elective was only available to high school students. The strategy was an immediate success that would result in several startling discoveries.

Kyle found he loved working with his hands and working with the wood and tools to create something both functional and attractive. It revealed his aptitude for math and problem solving. It evealed and cultivated his very high and exacting standards for any project he touched. It revealed his ability to imagine and plan a project from start to finish. It ignited his passion and gave him the ability to indulge it and grow. It gave him access to teachers who accepted and encouraged his passion and allowed and taught him to move beyond typical high school woodworking endeavours. It also lead to his first construction job at the tender age of thirteen.

Flowrite Trailer 2Although young, he was able to talk, (what was then a roofing company), into hiring him during the annual summer breaks from school. The work was grueling, high above ground, usually under a hot sun on heat retaining asphalt shingles and Kyle thrived. The roofing company owner became Kyle’s mentor and Kyle devoured every bit of wisdom and skill his mentor would impart. In future years, Kyle would continue to seek out mentors with decades of skills to help him learn and become proficient in new skills.

Flowrite Trailer 3In response to a growing demand for construction services, the roofing company began to offer more services and Kyle’s proficiency grew with the company. Although still a high school student, Kyle became a leading member of the construction crew and worked evenings, weekends, and after school.

He learned to frame, install siding, eavestroughs, soffits, fascia, insulate, drywall and otherwise finish interiors and exteriors. By the time he graduated high school, Kyle would know how to build a complete home with the exception of the basement.

After a couple years of trying the oilfield dream, Kyle returned to his calling with renewed purpose. He found that although the oilfield money was good, it left his passion untouched and his hard earned skills unused. He came home and found a log home construction company that would teach him concrete, basements, including land excavation and heavy machinery, tin roofing and log home construction. Again his mentor would have over 30 years’ experience and a willingness to teach.

After several years constructing and finishing log homes and armed with his previous construction experience, Kyle was ready to branch out on his own. He started doing small renovation projects and eavestroughing and picked up subcontracting opportunities from different established construction companies. His work became known for its unerring quality and his project work grew exponentially.

Eventually, he had no time to subcontract with other companies and Flowrite Seamless Eavestroughs

was born. As demand for his skills grew, Flowrite would grow into a team providing a litany of construction services all held to the same exacting standards Kyle had adhered to since his early entry into the woodworking shop. The student became the teacher and he mentored his own crew. He insisted on quality, teaching them and helping them hone their skills and imparting his strong work ethic. His strategy was successful and Flowrite flourished. In mid-2016, Kyle’s business incorporated and is now Flowrite Seamless Eavestroughs Ltd.

Flowrite insists on delivering quality every time. As business and home owners see our work, they often order additional services. We maintain as much flexibility as we can on your project to quote your new requests and complete the additional work while still on site. We also work with a trusted team of electrical, plumbing and heating contractors that share our quality standards. We co-ordinate their arrival and contribution to your project so it proceeds seamlessly.

Kyle’s passion and commitment to quality are maintained to this day, shaping and growing his company one project at a time. He says, “The best moments are walking the home or business owner through a completed project and watching their faces light up with happiness.”

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Our Approach

Our years in business have taught us the best approach to our business is to listen and spend time with our customer and to deliver quality without exception.

Safety: Flowrite encourages the highest safety standard to be maintained in all aspects of life, not just work life.

Integrity: Flowrite believes in honesty and truthfulness and the utmost ethical standards in all actions and communication.

Respect: Flowrite believes in positivity and treating everyone with fairness and dignity as they themselves would like to be treated.

People: Flowrite believes in best efforts to educate & train of all team members.

Innovation: Flowrite continually strives for better ideas, devices and methodologies in the effort to create excellence in results.

Work Hard and Have Fun: Flowrite takes pride in working hard and having fun at the same time.